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Why RightMatch?

20-35 min


Instead of lengthy take-home tests, vet candidates' tech skills in only 20-35 minutes using AI-generated, skill-specific audio questions.


Increase in interview success

Increase your technical interview success rate by more than 2x by screening candidates with RightMatch AI vetting first.


Saved per hire

By avoiding many screening calls and in-person technical interviews that end up being a waste of your product team' time.

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Can Right Match adapt to different industry needs and job roles?
Yes, the feature is designed to be adaptable across various industries and roles. It considers specific skill sets and criteria specified by the company to ensure a tailored assessment for each position.
How accurate is the assessment provided by Right Match?
Right Match utilizes machine learning and data-driven analysis, continually improving its accuracy. While it serves as a powerful tool for initial screening, it's important to note that it's part of the assessment process and may need supplementary evaluation during interviews.
Can companies customize the assessment criteria with Right Match?
Absolutely. Companies can tailor the assessment criteria based on their unique requirements and preferences. They can adjust the skill levels or add specific skills to suit their hiring needs.
How does Right Match handle diversity and inclusion in its assessment process?
Right Match is designed to minimize bias by focusing solely on skills, experience, and qualifications relevant to the job. It avoids factors like gender, ethnicity, or age in its assessments, promoting a fair evaluation of candidates from diverse backgrounds.
Does Right Match provide actionable insights for candidates who don't match a specific job?
Absolutely. Candidates who may not be an exact match for a particular role receive feedback and suggestions for potential areas of improvement. This empowers them to enhance their skills or qualifications for future opportunities.
How does Right Match complement the interviewing process?
Right Match serves as an initial screening tool, providing a shortlist of candidates who closely match the job requirements. This helps recruiters and hiring managers focus their interviewing efforts on the most suitable candidates, optimizing the interview process for greater efficiency.